Blueprint is a professional configuration tool that combines state of the art hardware and custom developed software to enable the configuration and management of mobile devices. We create a unified solution that provides our customers with unparalleled scalability, speed, reporting, and global visibility. Blueprint empowers multinational telecoms, enterprises, and integrators.

MRP Blueprint

In a world with an ever-growing appetite for mobile devices, Blueprint offers a solution to IT headaches and operation meltdowns. Blueprint is a purpose-built solution combining software and hardware that has been developed to solve the needs around managing and deploying mobile devices. We designed Blueprint for our teams around the world to scale operations, increase speed and efficiency, and create an excel-less process. Blueprint achieves that goal and provides our organization and clients unparalleled scalability, speed, reporting, and global visibility. The software empowers multinational telecoms, enterprises, and integrators. Blueprint is currently available to MRP Mobility's deployment teams around the world and select strategic partners.

Product Features

Blueprint Software Suite

Native desktop applications paired with a robust cloud management solution offer real-time insight.

  • Suite of native OSX and Windows applications designed to automate various deployment task.
  • Cloud SAAS solution provides real-time analytics and reporting for global activities across locations.
  • API access enables communication between cloud dashboard and desktop applications.


Blueprint is powered by the Apple ecosystem, designed for peak performance on a MacBook Pro.

  • Streamlined solutions designed first for the Apple ecosystem with speed and performance as the priority.
  • Each Blueprint solution is bundled with the latest Apple MacBook Pro 13" or 15" depending on the numbers of ports needing to be supported.

Thunderbolt Technology

Thunderbolt™ technology-enabled hardware allowing up to 20 Gb/s transfer speeds.

  • 480Mbps bandwidth to each device simultaneously.
  • 4X more USB endpoints than a typical host computer.
  • 320W power supply, and each port offering 2.4A.
  • Robust device information: Track and manage a rich set of device information like status and activity.

Blueprint Systems Manager

Blueprint Systems Manager is a cloud-based mobile device management solution created through a strategic partnership, offering unparalleled device configuration abilities, global insights, and long-term scalability.

Blueprint Label Manager

Blueprint Lable Manager is an automation tool used to generate dynamic labels and integrated into Blueprint's Systems Manager. The software transforms the process into a fast, simple, and excel-less solution.